Shoes & Boots Service: Polish, Conditioning & More!



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Shoes complete any outfit. They are also very easy to get attached to. Your favorite shoe will get worn more and will thus be exposed to weather, and suffer from wear and tear faster than others. You don’t need to throw your shoes out when they get worn out.


We offer the most convenient way to polish, condition, and repair your shoes and boots. We provide the highest quality shoe care for men and women. Our experienced cobbler will take excellent care of your shoes. If you need new soles, new heels or both we’ve got you covered. A broken heel doesn’t mean a goodbye to your favorite pair of shoe, but simply a “see you tomorrow!” with us.


Polish & conditioning

Protect your shoes well and prevent severe wear and tear by polishing and conditioning them every so often, and ensure their longevity. Leather shoes are not cheap. Why not expand their lifespan by taking proper care of them? You should never take off your shoes and throw them in the closet. Unless you want them to stink, the leather to wrinkle and break down, and look terrible quickly. Leather is skin, it needs to be treated well and moisturized to maintain its soft looks, shape and feel. Your shoes and boots should be polished often to maintain softness and ease of movement of the leather. You should condition your leather shoes every 20 wears or so, to keep them in tip-top shape.


Heel & sole replacements for shoes & boots


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You can simply replace your soles, heels, and repair the heel lining of your shoes. No need to get a new pair every time your heels and soles wear out. Make sure to check which material (rubber or leather) your soles and heels are made from before selecting an option. You can also select express checkout if you’re not sure and we’ll let our cobbler inspect your shoes and decide on the right material for you.