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Residential buildings, international organizations, hotels, yachts & more!

Wether you are a small company or larger organization, Mr. Timesaver has an abundant array of services to fit your organizational needs. Employee clothing, bed sheets, curtains, towels and other textiles.


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How does the service work?

Do you manage a residential building? Do you work in a large organization? Do you manage a hotel or yacht’s housekeeping & maintenance? We’re here to give you a hand!

You get in touch to get started

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Simply call us, Whatsapp us or fill in the form below to get started. Tell us your requirements (employee clothing, residential laundry, hotel linen etc.) and we’ll come up with a solution just for you.

Premium service is a guarantee

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We pride ourselves on providing consistently great service. We also tested our cleaning partners thoroughly before working with them to ensure high, consistent quality, each and every time.

Fixed pick-up and delivery moments

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We can agree on standard pick-up days during the week and their deliveries in 24, 48 or 72 hours, depending on your needs. Employees or residents may also use our service directly if they wish.


Why use Mr. Timesaver for your business?

Our service sets you apart from the competition

Offering a dry cleaning and laundry service for your employees or residents sets you apart from other companies & residential buildings. It’s an added benefit for your hard working team. Using a young and service oriented company such as Mr. Timesaver, tells your team you care about them and value their time. 

We’re responsible and reliable

Providing great service is our priority! We have tested our partners thoroughly and have the confidence in them to focus on what we do best: serve you and your company. We inspect and mark your items before they are taken to our partners’ facilities to ensure quality cleaning. P.S. We use GreenEarth cleaning products!

We’re flexible, so you can be too

Your employees/residents can bring their clothes to the office/central location to be picked up and are delivered on the days we agree upon. Scheduling through our website to be picked up from home at another time is also an option. Either way, their  clothes and household textiles will always look great.

Our service is not limited to only clothes

We also clean curtains, bed sheets, duvets, rugs, & other textiles in your organization. Especially in today’s world, it’s important that your employees and guests enjoy a clean and hygienic environment. Our linen package for example, is great for hotels and other temporary stay providers.

the services we provide

Dry cleaning & laundry for clothes

suit dry clean piece clean stain

We dry clean, iron and launder clothes. From work attire to pajamas. Dry cleaned items are returned on hangers (shirts folded upon request). Laundered clothes are folded.

Deep cleaning of curtains and rugs

curtain drapes cleaning steam dry clean press service

We clean all types of curtains. Blackout, lined, silk or net. Your curtains are returned to you on hangers (or folded upon request). We also deep clean rugs to prevent allergies!

Washing and pressing of bedding

size bed mattress sheets bedroom textiles sheets pillow cleaning

We wash all bedding textiles. Bed sheets are washed and pressed for that crisp hotel touch. Duvets and pillows are dry-cleaned or washed depending on the filling.

Quality Yacht Service


quality dry cleaning and laundry service for yachts boats in the netherlands. reliable and professional service is our goal


In the last years we have worked with many (super) yachts that dock in The Netherlands and need quality cleaning of curtains, bedroom textiles (such as crew linen, master suite sheets, blankets, duvets & pillows) & more! We work closely with the onboard housekeeping crew and steward/stewardess to ensure the best possible service and outcome. We are pleased to say that our service has lived up to every expectation and all yacht crews we’ve worked with continue to use our service at every visit.


Building/residential management, hair salons, bars, restaurants, yachts to fashion companies. We serve them all!

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