When should you dry clean your suit? A Guideline.

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When should you dry clean your suit? A Guideline.

It’s true. Women are attracted to men in suits. It has a lot to do with the aura of self-confidence it brings along, which also commands the respect of other men. So it can be said that investing in, and maintaining a good suit has its advantages. Part of the maintenance includes taking your suit to dry-clean, but how often is that necessary? When should you dry-clean a suit?


A universal rule doesn’t seem to exist with regards to dry-cleaning suits. Opinions on the topic seem to vary. Based on our customer behavior, we created a suit dry cleaning guideline just for you!


You DON’T have to dry clean your suit each time you wear it.

Especially if your suit is made out of natural fabrics, like wool or linen.


Wool is self-cleaning and has no scent. The creatine in wool works as an anti-bacterial and prevents unwanted scents.

Linen is light and is water resistant. Because of its heat-regulating quality, you always feel cool.


Clothing items made from wool or linen don’t need to be washed often, and musty scents can be aired out by hanging the items outside in fresh air. A ten minute steam session in the shower does wonders against wrinkles. Wool and linen do of course need to be washed occasionally.


Pants lose their freshness much sooner than jackets.


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You wear a shirt under your jacket, which absorbs most of the sweat. So, when purchasing a jacket, make sure to also buy 2 identical pants to rotate. This way, if both pants and the jacket start losing their freshness you can take the whole set to the dry-cleaner in one go. This also prevents color fading differences between the pants and jacket.


👉 Pants can be worn an average of 3 times.

👉 Jackets can be worn an average of 6 times.


You probably have more than 1 suit hanging in your closet. You won’t need to use dry cleaning services every other day. But always trust your eyes and nose as the main guides. If your pants still smell fresh, you can also choose only pressing instead of dry cleaning. That is less costly while still looking sharp.


👉 Pro dry cleaner tip for always looking (and smelling) great:

While it’s okay to wear your suit jacket and pants more than once, it is NOT okay to “double wear” shirts! Wearing shirts more than once can reheat body oils previously absorbed by the fabric and create (sometimes permanent) stains. You know those pesky yellow armpit and neck shirt stains? The main cause is wearing a shirt multiple times without washing.


Another good dry-cleaning moment for your suits is when you return from a business trip.

Suitcases ironically, are not really jacket, pants, & shirt friendly. The dry-cleaner will make sure your clothes are back in tip top shape after your trip. Mr. Timesaver even does it in 24-hours!


Never rush to the dry-cleaner after work again.

You can easily plan your pick-up & delivery time at home, or at the office. A friendly time-agent will pick-up and deliver your items back to you at the time you selected. Mr. Timesaver is currently active in: The Hague (including: Leidschendam-Voorburg, Wassenaar, Rijswijk, Leidschenveen, & Wateringen), Leiden, Rotterdam & Delft.

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