7 tips to get more out of your day.

7 tips to get more out of your day.

By creating a good morning routine for yourself, you can focus more on the important things throughout your days. You start your days goal oriented, efficient, and conscious while maintaining control over the rest of the day. With these tips you’ll get more done without rushing.


1. Laying your clothes ready

A good morning starts with a well thought out evening. Take some time the evening before to think about the next morning. What do you have to do tomorrow? What are you going to wear? Does it have to be casual/business/formal? Lay your outfit out. This way you prevent early morning stress with wrinkly blouse or shirt and you’ll be sure you’re wearing the same color socks. Prefer to just throw something on in the morning based on your mood? Order the shirt service package along with a small-wash laundry service to have our main items always ready to go.


2. Get up early

90% of all successful people are up by 6 a.m. Not to go directly to work, but to prepare for the day ahead. By getting up early, you give yourself more time and space to start the day fresh and awake. For example by meditating. Even if it’s simply closing your eyes for a few minutes and ask yourself: “What are my intentions for today?” By giving your day an intention, you unconsciously set yourself up to achieve all your daily goals with more purpose. Are you a more practical person? Write down 1 to 3 tasks or goals for the day. By doing this you improve your productivity during the day by not leaving everything you do to chance.


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3. Step away from the phone!

You go to bed earlier than usual to start the next morning off right, but 30 minutes later you’re still on Facebook, Instagram, checking emails or on WhatsApp. Sound familiar? As if that’s not enough, you reach for your phone the first thing in the morning. Don’t! Your brain is exposed to different stimuli, and will not get a chance to prepare you for a good night’s rest or a fresh morning routine with intention. By not touching your phone for the first hour of being awake, you leave the world outside for just a little while longer. Up for a challenge? Try a digital detox: No screens between 20:00 and 08:00.


4. Have a good breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Your body spent the whole night without food. To function properly and to perform well during the day you need to refuel. A balanced nutritious breakfast is an essential part of a good morning routine. It gets your gut working and will absorb nutrients better during the day as a result. Have a bowl of oatmeal, some eggs, or simply a fresh smoothie.


5. Exercise routine

If you’re a busy person, exercise will probably not happen anymore at the end of the day. A morning workout is ideal for you! It also helps reduce stress and increase your energy and endorphins for the rest of the day. Another benefit of a morning workout is that gyms tend to be less busy in the morning. More energy, more alertness, better prepared to tackle the day ahead. You’ll also start noticing an improvement in your coffee addiction.



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“Set a goal that makes you want to jump out of bed in the morning!”


6. Work on a project

Are you currently working on a project that you enjoy doing or is close to your heart? Then waking up is probably not a problem for you. You are eager to continue working on it. It energizes you! It’s smart to take advantage of this energy and get up earlier (see #2). By working on projects early in the morning, you get much more done during the day, especially since you’ll be undisturbed by phone calls, emails, or kids if you work from home. A project can be work related, but can also be a personal project, like writing a book.


7. Start your day with a little dance, start your day with a smile

Put some music on when you’re getting dressed, having breakfast, or in the car. Preferably not the radio. Make a playlist of songs that make you happy, empower you, give you confidence, and make you move your toes. Do a little dance if you want to. Your smoothie wont judge you. Just leave the world out of it. No commercials, news, or opinions. Just you, getting ready to kick the day’s butt. Start your day with joy, simply because you can, and frankly, because it’s the only way you should.


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