4 Reasons You Should Consider Using a Shoe Repair Service

4 Reasons You Should Consider Using a Shoe Repair Service

Footwear is extremely important. Your shoes impact your walk, your posture and not to forget how you present yourself. Whether they’re dress shoes, boots, stilettos or your favorite pair of loafers, their lifespan decreases significantly the more you wear them. Every year, millions of shoes get thrown away, even the “all-time favorite” pairs. Well this is exactly where a cobbler comes in. What most people don’t realize is that a professional shoe and boot repair service can help restore your favorite pair of shoes and boots, thus making them last longer. It may seem old-fashioned, but trust us: your feet and wallet will be thankful for the special care.


At Mr. Timesaver, our professional cobblers polish, condition, repair and clean all types of shoes & boots. Now, lets move on to why you should consider Mr. Timesaver’s shoe services.


4 Reasons why you should start using a shoe & boot repair service this season:


Repairing your shoes is environmentally-friendly


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Each year, millions of shoes are thrown in the garbage. So, asitde from customer benefits, shoe repairs are also beneficial for the environment as they reduce waste compared to disposing shoes, which are certainly not biodegradable. Shoes are very difficult to recycle because they’re often made of different materials. By using a shoe repair service, you’re not only keeping them out of the landfills but also lowering the amount of resources used to make new shoes. At Mr. Timesaver we strongly focus on eco-friendly processes in our daily operations and we make sure that we contribute to saving the earth.


Repairing your shoes can save you money

If you spend a lot of your hard-earned money on an amazing pair of shoes, you’re going to want to preserve that investment. Shoe repairs can be as simple and cheap, complex and expensive as you want it to be. On average, the cost of repairing a pair of shoes is way less than buying a new pair. are your soles or heels worn out? We can replace them! Does your shoe need stitching repairs? We do that too! We polish, we condition, you can even get new laces. At Mr. Timesaver, we provide all our customers with a Mr. Timesaver Loyalty Card. Our Loyalty Card provides all our customers with a complimentary shoe polish that will let your shoes look just like new.


Mr. Timesaver cobblers can fix your shoes not just for style, but for functionality.


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Most people try to fix their shoes for fashion purposes. However, cobblers can also adapt them for more functionality. Mr. Timesaver cobblers can replace your leather soles with rubber soles and guarantee the outside of your shoes are waterproof during the rainy and snowy winter season. Mr. Timesaver cobblers are experts at caring for all types of shoes.


Mr. Timesaver’s shoe repair service can help your shoes last a lifetime.

A cobbler can help your shoes last for years, instead of just a few months. Cobblers offer a great amount of preventive care for your shoes that home DIY product simply can’t provide, for example waterproofing your leather & suede shoes etc.



When Mr. Timesaver returns your shoes from our cobbler, you’ll notice that they look just like new. Our cobbler is not to just there to repair what was wrong with your shoes, but they also make sure your shoes look brand new again.


Do you have a pair of shoes that need a little love? Mr. Timesaver shoe services can help. You’ll love how our shoe service keeps your shoes looking great for years to come! To place your order, simply visit our website at mrtimesaver.nl


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