From Ordering To Delivery: How Our Service Works


Here’s what you need to do and what we do after you’ve placed your order.


Sign-up for our service and then what?


sign up register website online order process service tablet mobile phone online order phone tablet mobile desktop laptop


After you click on “order” you are taken to STEP 1: our booking form page, where you can schedule your pick-up and delivery times. When you choose a pick-up time, the delivery times will automatically show the next available slots corresponding to your pick-up time. Next, you are taken to our STEP 2: service selection page, where you get to select the items you will need taken care of. Choose from our laundry options, separate items for dry cleaning, repairs, shoe services & more. After you selected your items, you should see your laundry bag in the menu with all your items. You can click on your laundry bag in the menu, at the bottom of the page or at the bottom of your screen on mobile devices. STEP 3: “Go to laundry bag”. Here you can confirm your item selection. If you selected the express checkout option, you should see “mixed items” in your laundry bag list. STEP 4: Proceed to checkout. This will take you to a checkout page where you need to enter your pick-up and delivery address and a phone number where we can reach you, and select a form of payment. You can also confirm or edit your pick-up and delivery schedule here. STEP 5: Place your order. STEP 6: Wait for pick-up. STEP 7: Wait for delivery. That’s all you have to do.


Express checkout / Fast pass



Sometimes you don’t know which items to select, or you’re unsure about how many items you have. Sometimes you just don’t have the time to go through that whole process. In these scenarios, the express checkout option is the way to go. It will take you directly to your laundry bag with the minimum checkout amount (€25), where you can confirm your schedule and proceed to checkout. There, you should select “cash on delivery” in order not to pay the down payment directly. After our pre-wash inspection, you will receive a new order with your exact items and the option to pay with iDeal, PayPal, CC, or cash on delivery.


After an order is placed


calendar open weekend sunday everyday today schedule pick-up dry delivery calendar open weekend sunday everyday today schedule pick-up dry delivery


You receive an email with your order information. Remember to add your pick-up and delivery times in your calendar! We will also receive an email on our end with your order. We will then proceed to adding your information to our order schedule. A timesaver will pick up your order in the time-slot you selected and will bring a laundry bag for your items. Your items are then taken to the appropriate partner for cleaning, ironing, repairing, and altering. Your items will be kept at our partners until your delivery day. On your delivery day, your items are picked up at our partners and are stored in groups of others that are to be delivered within the same time-slot as yours. A timesaver will deliver your items in the selected time-slot.


Your clothes and those of other customers / mix-ups


tag clothes marking dry cleaner mix up lose


When your items are picked up, a unique label is attached to your laundry bag. Your items will not be mixed with those of other customers. When items are taken to our partners, each customer is handled separately and your unique code is then registered. Mr. Timesaver’s customers’ items are held and treated separately from those of the partner’s other customers.


Our partners

Our partners are very experienced and respected in their fields. The dry cleaners and cobblers we work with have multiple establishments in The Hague and other cities. They take their work very seriously and pride themselves on delivering excellent service. We are not their only users. They also work with hotels, embassies, and other large organizations.


Marking clothes/labels


mark clothes safety pin


Each customer item is marked with a unique number and safety pin. All items belonging to “Joe” are marked 001 for example. Pins are attached to your clothing labels or passed through belt loops, so your actual clothing fabric will not be pierced or damaged by the pins.