Laundry Service – Fresh, White, Bright and Folded


Our laundry service, also known as our wash, dry & fold service makes life easy. Simply have your dirty laundry picked up, and delivered back to you clean, fresh and neatly folded. We do all the work for you. First your clothes are sorted and colors are separated from whites. Then we wash and dry your clothes (separate machines for each customer), per your preferences. Finally, your clothes are neatly folded, socks are matched and the clothes are wrapped up nice and tidy for delivery.


Special Requirements

If you have any special requirements (sensitive skin, bleach for whites, etc.) they are no problem at all. You can simply add your preferences in the “notes” area in the checkout form. This will be essential for us to deliver your laundry just as you want them.


Wash sizes


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Small Wash

The small wash is up to 6kg. Which is equal to one wash load.


Medium Wash

The medium wash is up to 12 kg. Which is equal to two wash loads.


Large Wash

The large wash is up to 18kg. Which is equal to three wash loads.


Your items may weigh more than the wash size you selected or your order may include larger items (such as denim and sweaters that take up more room in the washing machine without adding much to the weight). In this case, you will be charged for the next available size option. So, if you select a small wash, but your items weigh more or simply do not fit in the wash load, you will be charged for a medium wash. We will notify you of this before the washing process, to check if you agree with this. We will then proceed to washing your items, or returning your items to you as is. If you already paid for your order, you can pay the difference in cash upon delivery, or we can send you a link to complete the payment online.


Colors and whites

Colors are whites should be washed separately. If you select a small wash and require separate washing, you will be charged for another load. A small wash cannot be separated into 2 washes (as there are no smaller machines). A medium and large wash may be separated upon request. It is best however to separate your items in advance if they are to be washed separately by color (if you have a medium or large wash) when given to your timesaver at pick-up. If you do not give them to us separately, or give us any indication that they should be separated, they may simply be washed all together in the washing machine size you selected. So, for example, a medium wash load will be washed in a medium sized machine. If they are to be washed separately, they will be washed in 2 normal sized machines.



Denim, especially new, never washed denim, will stain other (light colored and white) clothes. If you choose our laundry option, it is best to choose a larger option, and have your denim washed separately. Alternatively, you can also select “pants” as single items and they will dry cleaned or treated separately. You will receive your denim pants pressed and on a hanger. If your jeans have already been washed many times and the color no longer runs, then they can safely be washed in the same load as your other items.


Delicate fabrics & washing machines


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If you select the wash, dry and fold service it is important to keep an eye on the delicate fabric items you may add to your laundry bag. It is strongly recommended to read the labels to see whether the delicate fabrics should be washed or dry cleaned. In either case if we do find an item that is specifically for dry cleaning or our professionals do not recommend for wash, dry and fold service we will contact you regarding this situation. We will proceed per our conversation.



For stains on regular clothes that don’t require dry cleaning, you can request vinegar to be used in your load. Vinegar is a natural stain remover and will also brighten your clothes. If the stains are on whites, you may request bleach.