Cleaning Household Textiles: Curtains, Carpets & Sofa Covers.


Household textiles include curtains, rugs, and sofa covers. These items are usually cleaned on the surface by using vacuum cleaners and dusters, but will require a deeper cleaning every so often. The deep cleaning required will often include renting machinery (such as steamers) or dragging the items yourself to the appropriate professional. Because of the hassle involved, these items are often neglected and the chore is put off until it can’t be ignored anymore. Avoiding to clean your curtains and rugs regularly however, may be a bad choice for your health.


Rug / Carpet Cleaning


rug cleaning household textile cleaning


Rugs/carpets complete a home. They bring a room together beautifully. But they‘re also dust and dirt magnets. You should vacuum your rug as often as needed, but dirt, bacteria, and allergens go deep, beyond the range of your vacuum cleaner. Therefore, to prevent allergies and other health issues, it is important to get your rug professionally cleaned every so often. Rug specialists perform deep cleaning and remove odor, dirt, bacteria, and allergens from your rug. Keeping you and your family healthy.


! Please note that carpets may take longer to clean (and dry) than other items. We may need to reschedule your delivery if your selected delivery date is too soon. 


Curtains / Drapes


curtain drapes cleaning steam dry clean press service


Just like rugs and carpets, curtains accessorize a home, but also attract a lot of dust and allergens. They are also often forgotten when house cleaning is being done. It is therefore important to get your curtains washed professionally every so often to prevent allergies and other health issues. You will receive your curtains clean and pressed on hangers.


Correct Measurement of Curtains & Rugs When Placing Your Order


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To get the correct measurement of your rug, simply multiply the length by the width in meters. The answer is the quantity you put in your order. Do note that carpet/rug prices may vary depending on thickness and material.


To get the correct measurement for your curtains/drapes multiply the height by the bottom width. Measuring the top width, where fabric is clumped/sown together will result in a false measurement. The price is calculated based on total surface of the fabric. Do note that curtain prices may vary depending on thickness and material.


If the total price of your curtain or rug is higher than the starting amount, we will contact you for approval before continuing with the cleaning process. If you agree, we will send you a payment link or create a new order for you on our site.