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Claims & Refunds for Missing or Damaged Items


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Our goal at Mr. Timesaver is to provide customers with premium laundry and dry cleaning solutions, and unique customer experiences. We take the utmost care in the cleaning of your garments but occasionally items can go missing or get damaged. Our principle guidelines on how we reimburse and compensate our customers for missing or damaged items are stated below. At Mr. Timesaver we try our best to always make things right for our customers and we do our maximum effort to prevent any of these occurrences.


Damaged Items

If an item is damaged through our delivery or cleaning process, Mr. Timesaver will send your damaged item to a third party clothing repair specialist for assessment and/or repair.


If Mr. Timesaver’s repair specialist can successfully repair your item, then we will do so free of charge. If our repair specialist determines that the damage cannot be repaired and was a result of the delivery/cleaning process, then Mr. Timesaver will assume full responsibility and provide either a replacement for the item (if available), reimbursement of the item cost, or Mr. Timesaver credit for use on future orders. Please note that there are exceptions and the customer should be aware of this.


Damaged Items: Exceptions


Normal Wear and Tear

The reality of life is that eventually all clothing will wear out over time, despite Mr. Timesaver’s best efforts to clean and maintain them. On some occasions problems can arise during the wash or dry cleaning process due to normal wear and tear.


Mr. Timesaver considers the following conditions to be normal wear and tear:


  • Minor shrinkage due to repeated wash
  • Minor fading due to repeated wash
  • Tightening of fabric due to repeated wash
  • Minor rips/tears due to repeated wash
  • Color stain due to perfume or deodorant


If Mr. Timesaver’s repair specialist concludes that the item(s) that were damaged were in fact caused by normal wear and tear, then Mr. Timesaver will not be able to provide compensation for the item.


Fragile Clothing

Even though we take every preventative measure to ensure the safety of your items, Mr. Timesaver kindly asks that customers put close attention to the cleaning instructions on all items of clothing before handing them to us. In the end, it is the customer’s responsibility to:


A) Make sure that the items given to Mr. Timesaver can safely be cleaned as recommended on the clothing label.

B) Indicate specific cleaning instructions to Mr. Timesaver through the “additional instructions” in the order specifications.


In cases that an item is damaged during the wash or dry cleaning process due to the customer’s lack of specific cleaning instructions, Mr. Timesaver will not be responsible for this damage.


Missing Items

If in any case items are missing from your order, Mr. Timesaver will do its best to find your missed items by checking with our trusted partners and our delivery trucks. We also recommend that you check your laundry or dry cleaning delivery order soon after delivery to guarantee that everything was delivered as instructed.


If we are unable to locate your missing items, we will issue either a reimbursement for the item or Mr. Timesaver credit based on the timeline in which you filed your claim.


Mixed Items

There are times when a mix-up occurs either in the delivery or cleaning process, which may result in you receiving some or all of another person’s laundry. If this happens to you, we ask that you promptly e-mail or call us at +31 (0)881 846300 so that we can take quick action in solving this issue. As soon as you report this to us, we will return the mixed item(s) to their correct owner, as well as track down and return your missing items if applicable.


How to File a Claim for Missing or Damaged Item

To file a claim for missing or damaged items, please e-mail or call us at +31 (0)881 846300


Legal Disclaimer

We will not be held responsible for any false claims, and will seek reasonable and appropriate measures if you had any intention in harming the reputation of Mr. Timesaver B.V. If you receive any items belonging to another customer by mistake, it is your responsibility to inform Mr. Timesaver. If you were to keep the item(s), then you will be responsible for the compensation of Mr. Timesaver.


We reserve the right to change these terms at any time and have the right to reject service to anyone at any time.

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