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Your Personal Timesaver At Your Request: How Mr. Timesaver Works

Do you remember those days when you had to search for a reliable and trustworthy dry cleaner, and once you found one, you had to carry all your dirty clothes to the shop that may or may not be close to where you live? Well, those days are long gone now. Mr. Timesaver gives you the option to get all of this done without any hassle. The best part? FREE PICKUP AND DELIVERY, 7 DAYS A WEEK. This is what you call convenience at your finger tips!


Aren’t you tired of being too busy?

Many of us come to a point in our lives when, no matter how hard we try, there’s no extra room in the day. We may want to follow our true passions, play sports, read a book, or have a sense of personal time, but there is always the next load of laundry to do or the small tasks that may not take too long but certainly pile up over time. We’re always taking care of chores, chores, chores! Finding room in your life for quality time spent with friends and family or just taking a simple afternoon off to take a jog around the block has certainly taken a back seat. Wouldn’t it be great if someone could help you take care of day-to-day mundane tasks of life so you could have more time to yourself? That’s what we’re here to do.


stress management prevention

Don’t let stress get the best of you: Discover 6 tips for stress management & prevention.

Stress seems to go hand in hand with the modern lifestyle. Life is filled with so many frustrations, deadlines, and demands. For many people, stress has become so normal that it is now a way of life. Stress isn’t necessarily bad, though. Stress can help you perform under pressure, motivate you, and even keep you safe when there are impending dangers. But when stress becomes overwhelming, it may damage your health, mood, relationships, and quality of life.


Is your in-office dry cleaning service really an inconvenience in disguise? Find out why.

In the modern lifestyle most of your time has already been allocated. Between work, errands, appointments, & chores you have very little time left for yourself or your loved ones. You take all the help you can get and the world around you is also adjusting to fit your lifestyle. Some industries more than others though. Food ordering businesses are popping up everywhere and they are all mobile. Some industries however, haven’t really caught up.


On-Demand Services: I want it and I want it NOW!

You worked extra hours and now that you’re actually home, you just want to lay on the sofa and do nothing for a little while. Cooking is the last thing you’d want to do. Luckily you can order food in just a few clicks on your smartphone. In about 30 minutes the delivery guy will be at your door with your dinner. How ideal! On-demand services are growing. Where do they come from? What will our lives look like in 10 years?


3,5 extra hours to yourself per week: how to

Most working parents feel a bit uneasy from time to time. We want to be a good employee, but also a fun parent, and a nice partner. The juggling of those roles can get pretty stressful, even without having to do chores at home. But, you know what? You don’t have to do all of it by yourself! Mr. Timesaver will take care of your laundry & dry cleaning duties, so you have more time in a day. Time you can spend on yourself.