Bedroom Textiles: Comforters, Bed Sheets, Pillows & Blankets


Bedroom textiles include comforters, bed sheets, pillows, and mattress covers. These items are often too large to fit in a conventional washing machine and so their cleaning is avoided until it can’t be avoided any longer. Cleaning your sheets, comforters, and pillows doesn’t have to be a hassle though. Our partners wash many comforters and pillows daily. Many of which are forgotten by their owners and just sit in the dry cleaners until they are picked up. We pick them up and deliver them back to you at the times you schedule, so they are never forgotten and they are always easily cleaned and refreshed.


Bed sheets


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Your bed sheets are filled with sweat, dust mites, and skin flakes every night when you sleep. Dust mites live off your skin flakes, so you’re feeding them more and more every night. You can learn more about bed sheets and linen on our blog.



Comforters are large and will usually not fit in a conventional washing machine and dryer. Our partners wash and dry all types of comforters, including down, wool, and synthetic.



If your New Year’s resolution is to get more sleep, you’re well on your way to being healthier and more alert. The bed is where you begin your day, end the day and where you spend nearly a third of your life. To take good care of your down, wool or synthetic pillows and keep them clean, they need special care as they contain a delicate filling (usually feathers or similar) that can be damaged if not handled appropriately. Taking proper care of your pillow can help them last for many years. If down pillows are properly taken care of, they can even last you a life time. It is recommended to clean them at least twice a year.


Down, wool or synthetic?

Check your labels to confirm which material is used in your comforters. If you’re not sure or if the label was removed, we can also confirm the material at our pre-wash inspection. We will then give you a call or send you an email. If you’re not sure what your items are, it is best to select “express checkout” and we will send you an official order with your correct items after the pre-wash inspection. You will still be able to pay using our secure platform.


Size selection for comforters and mattress covers


size bed mattress sheets


Single / 1 person

Bed size: 90cm x 190 cm (for mattress covers)

Comforter size (on average): 135cm x 200cm


Double / 2 person (Queen)

Bed size: 140cm x 190 cm (for mattress covers)

Comforter size (on average): 200cm x 200cm


Twin / King size

Bed size: 160cm-180cm x 200 cm (for mattress covers)

Comforter size (on average): 240cm x 220cm