The 3 most important rules of doing laundry

The 3 most important rules of doing laundry

Whether it’s a certain color that flatters your appearance or a certain fit that compliments your figure, most of us know how to shop for clothing that makes us feel and look our best. But what many people still aren’t aware of is how to keep their clothes looking as good as new over time.


Taking proper care of your garments at home goes beyond just keeping that red sock out of your white load. Our mother may have taught us how to sort colors and load the washing machine, but she may have skipped a few important details. In this article we’ll share 3 essential laundry rules to keep your clothes looking like new and last longer. So, when you decide to empty your hamper again, make sure you keep these 3 tips in mind.


1. Buttons and zippers

Before you throw your clothes in the washer, take a moment to make sure that your buttons are unbuttoned and that your zippers are zipped. Unbuttoning all buttons, especially on shirts allows for a more thorough cleaning and prevents button loosening. Zippers need to be zipped to prevent them from ripping other items in the drum. It is indeed extra work if you have very little time to spend on your laundry, but it will prevent that your garments snag to one another in the load. Also a good tip to keep in mind is metal zippers do not mix well with sheer blouses.


2. Wash inside out

To protect the important part of your garment, turn your clothes inside out before washing. This is essential with denim and dark pants in order to prevent fading. If you have items that include printing or other embroidery, it’s probably a good idea to turn these items inside out as well. Just turn everything inside out to be safe. Got it? Good. If you’re too busy and have very limited time to spend on your laundry but still want the assurance that your clothes are treated with the utmost care, you may consider using a laundry service in The Hague, Leiden, Rotterdam & Delft with free pickup and delivery service.



laundry colors folded inside out


3. Don’t forget to use a fabric softener. Or do?

I most cases, make sure to include fabric softeners into your laundry routine. Just as you use conditioner after you shampoo to keep your hair looking smooth and shiny, you should use fabric softener with your detergents to keep your clothes looking just as beautiful. Avoid a fabric softener when washing micro fiber towels, athletic sportswear, spandex & nylon garments as it can reduce their ability to manage moisture and breathe. In this case opt for some white vinegar as softener instead.


Expert tip: use ½ cup of white vinegar in your load.

Here are all the benefits
• Brighten and Whiten Whites
• Remove Mildew Odor
• Soften Clothes Naturally
• Reduce Lint
• Fight Arm Pit Odor
• Erase Hem Lines
• Protect Dark Colors
• Remove Cigarette Smoke Odors



Laundry Rules: Recap

So, besides separating colors, whites, and darks, you should also:

1. Unbutton all buttons
2. Close all zippers
3. Turn everything inside out.
4. Use softener (Or not! Check #3)




4. Protect with a pillowcase

If you don’t have a net laundry bag, you can protect small or delicate items using nothing other than a pillowcase. Simply place your delicate items, underwear and hosiery in the pillowcase and then tie it off. This wonderful trick will help prevent wear and tear, and also helps with keeping track of items that may mysteriously disappear, for example sneaky socks. Bonus, you will also have a freshly laundered pillowcase to sleep on.


Do you have any other brilliant laundry tips not mentioned here? Please share them with us in the comments.

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